Business Development Excellence for Sales Professionals

Business development can be challenging for even experienced sales professionals. With the rapidly changing marketplace, many sales professionals are seeing changes to their results with no understanding of how to improve. That’s why we created the Business Development Excellence program.

Business Development Excellence for the experienced sales professional that needs to sharpen their skills in order to create better results, fast. Covering a variety of topics from how your buyers make decisions to handling advanced objections we know this program will elevate the average to excellent. We have a practical and high integrity approach to doing business development that creates consistency even in a challenging economy. We will show you how to connect with your clients faster and lead them through the buying process with fewer objections and less resistance.

Included In This Program

  • 12 information-packed training sessions with sales concepts developed by Rich Grof Performance Sales Coaching designed to give the fastest way to change your sales conversion efforts.
  • Live feedback on your sales presentation and skills in a safe environment offering specific technique adjustments.
  • A complete business development manual filled with simple to understand concepts that will make it easier for you to really get what you need to accelerate your learning.
  • Templates for everything from effective sales tracking to crafting a connective sales presentation.

View our complete program syllabus below:

22 Sales Fundamentals Level 2 – Business Development (PDF)


 $6,000 per person