Corporate Sales Fundamentals Level 1 – Sales Conversion

Sales Training to Create Peak Performances

  • Sales training for new salespeople helps them to perform faster and more consistently. Most will be top producers (top 10%) in their second year of sales!
  • Sales coaching prevents performance dips and creates steady sales flow which can contribute an additional 15-20% in sales each year.
  • When companies use professional sales training program and coaching to invest in the success of their salespeople, it increases team member retention and decreases the cost of replacing top performers.
  • Regular sales coaching reduces management stress by helping individuals respond rather than react to critical problems.

Included In This Program

  • 12 information-packed training sessions with sales concepts developed by Rich Grof Performance Sales Coaching designed to give the fastest way to change your sales conversion efforts.
  • A complete 160+ page manual with 12 chapters filled with simple to understand concepts that will make it easier for you to really get what you need to accelerate your learning.
  • 3 Bonus chapters to magnify the value of your sales program. These chapters include cheat sheets, summaries and an advanced learning section including the 21 big mistakes you will want to avoid!
  • Full MP3 audio of recorded live calls so you can make your learning portable on your phone, in your car or even as you work out!
  • Weekly coaching worksheets that will guide you through the sales program each step of the way as you implement all of our business changing techniques.
  • We give you everything you need to succeed regardless if you are new to selling or an experienced sales professional.  We’ll include a full complement of templates, blank forms, and diagrams.  You’ll have everything you need to get the most from the program.

BONUS – Full Membership privileges for 1 year, including discounts and special offers. We encourage you to go back and listen to the audios several times. And don’t forget the BONUS videos!

BONUS – Our proven Sales Map Flowchart built to make sales conversion easy and natural. Using this map will make it easy for you to see how you can eliminate client problems.

21 Sales Fundamentals Level 1 – Sales Conversion (PDF)

$5,000 per person