How to Grow Your Business with Sales Training in Calgary

As a small business owner, sales manager or salesperson you know how important your sales performance is to your success. Good sales performance can drive your company forward. Yet, even though you understand sales basics, you may be finding it difficult to start new clients. Occasionally you may have found yourself struggling to get mentally prepared for a sales call or even reluctant to call a prospect back. The reason is, knowing that you need sales it very different from knowing how to produce consistent sales. Why?

Over the last 20 years we have been seeing a slow but steady decline in overall sales effectiveness. Even though most of the Calgary sales training has been provided by very knowledgeable business coaches, it has not kept up to the changes in technology, the suaveness of consumers, and the complexity of the sales process – sales training is losing effectiveness. Even more, we find that most sales people have been taught how to push through a sale by using different tactics. Unfortunately, being pushy or aggressive with a prospect at any time is a great way to lose a client. At Rich Grof Sales Training we help small business owners find their own way to do sales that is easy to implement and more in line with their integrity without being pushy or aggressive. Now more than ever, sales people need more advanced professional sales training to learn how they can adapt their sales style and sales process to meet the changing needs and expectations of consumer.

Understanding Sales has Become Difficult

Why has it been so difficult to achieve sales in today’s market? Well part of the reason is that the old fashioned sales training in Calgary are just that, old and updated. Gone are the days where consumers relied solely on the information that a sales person provided them. Now a day’s many consumers go into a buying situation very knowledgeable about the product and what its competition has to offer. Today’s buyer makes their decision in a much different way than someone did several years ago.

For example, several of our new clients from Calgary contacted us looking for professional sales training. They had sales people who were struggling with the changing economic conditions in Calgary and were at a loss as to what to do next.  They felt that their salespeople were less motivated and were concerned that they may lose them or stall the company’s new sales. After we evaluated their sales process, the selling environment, and skills and techniques used by the sales team we were able to make changes that had them back on course quickly and effectively.

We’ve been studying sales results and noticed that results are, at best, hit and miss. Then we noticed that when salespeople in corporate sales in Calgary used the old-fashioned sales techniques each person had varying results.  Although this was normal in most sales processes it seemed that there was too much soft skill involved to produce consistent results.  With such a large soft-skills variable combining with culture changes, communication complexity, and the change in the way buyers now purchase, it’s no wonder why making sales had become difficult.

The New Sales Philosophy

To be a strong sales performer requires a sales process that appeals to both the salesperson (so they feel comfortable and confident using it) and to the buyer so they feel that they are not “being slimed” or talked into doing something by a salesperson. That’s why we created an integrity based sales approach which is easy to use and is guided by principles that are simple to understand.  We took the old sales philosophy and changed it to match today’s buyers. By understanding what a buyer needs to make a decision, we were able to create a simple sales process that helps your client buy from you with almost no resistance. The results were exciting! This sales training program is so easy to learn and use that even people without a sales background have found success.

Here’s a little more about how we work.

Using Rich Grof Calgary Sales Training to Create Peak Performances

We believe that consistent sales do not have to be difficult or hard. Some benefits of the Rich Grof strategic approach include:

  • A reduction in management stress– Regular sales training in Calgary from  the Rich Grof team can help individuals respond rather than react to critical problems.
  • Performance improvement – When we provide sales training for new salespeople they will perform fasterand more consistently. Most will be top producers (top 10%) in their second year of sales!
  • Improved Consistency – Regular Calgary sales training can help your company avoid performance dipsand create steady sales flow contributing an additional 15-20% in sales each year.
  • Team member retention – When companies invest in the successof their salespeople and use professional sales training in Calgary to invest in the success of their salespeople, they will see greater retention which in turn decreases the cost of replacing top performers.

Want to know how this approach can help you have better sales performance? Give us a call and get your questions answered.