Stop losing qualified buyers and sellers! Make more money in less time! Learn the secrets of the Real Estate Masters!

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discovering the power of the secrets that can help you:

  • close more business than ever before,
  • eliminate the struggle of working with challenging clients
  • guide you to the next level in your real estate business without all the hassle, stress and confusion.
  • eliminate  sleepless night filled with worrying about financial problems

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Have you ever wondered why you were not able to close that listing sales prospect, even after you gave your best presentation ever?
  • Have you ever wondered why your buyer sales prospect chooses a different real estate sales agent (at an open house no doubt) even though you spent all that time working with them providing the highest quality, service and value?
  • When talking to listing sales prospect, does it seem like you can’t get them to buy in and you feel them slipping away? 
  • Does it seem like it’s a constant hit-and-miss—you feel that some days you are “on” your game and other days you are not?
  • Do you feel like you can’t find the magic formula to get people to start with you now?

Stop wondering what the magic formula is...

The exciting news is that our proven sales system and a few new skills can change your real estate sales conversion percentage (of prospect interviews to new clients) from hit-and-miss to a solid 80-90%  just like our coaching members enjoy. And it can be accomplished without any additional cost or time to implement.

Welcome to the power of sales conversion!

The Real Estate Masters know that working hard is smart, but working smarter and harder is better. That’s why they spend the time learning each step of their selling cycle until they became efficient at every step.

You probably have notice that there are other agents, possibly in your office, who produce substantially more sales than you do.  You may also have noticed that you work just as hard as they do. Not fair, right?  So what’s going on?

3DBoxClean-SmallThe truth is in the numbers.  Like a multi-step math problem, each step is dependent on the last one to produce results and success.  That means getting clear about your success at each step of the sales conversion cycle, then making changes to any area that is not working. By completing these steps you will create significant positive changes.

The important thing to know about sales conversion is that you are already doing all the work for each of your real estate sales prospects. You’re just not getting paid for the ones that choose to use another sales person.  No matter if your real estate sales conversion is 30% or 90%, you have the same output of energy and time. The trick is to increase your sales conversion, not your time. By increasing your
conversion you will find that you are getting paid a lot more
for doing the same work, and that’s exciting!

Here’s What This Real Estate E-course Will Cover:

  Lesson 1 – How to Boost Your Sales Conversion in Your Real Estate Business, Effortlessly Overnight!

  Lesson 2 – Why Real Estate Buyers Don’t Buy

  Lesson 3 – Three Tips of Real Estate Masters To Help You Find New Buyers at Every Open House

  Lesson 4 – How Do You Know if Your Buyer or Seller is Motivated?

  Lesson 5 – How Can You Develop Rapport Quickly and at a High Level?

  Lesson 6 – How to Build Client Loyalty by Using Client Agreements in Your Real Estate Business.

  Lesson 7 – Mistakes Real Estate Sales Professionals Make that Lose Sales.


 Real Results – Real Value 


here’s what you can expect to from this e-product

This program is designed to have you work on one e-learning module filled with a powerful sales coaching secret each week for 8 weeks.  These secrets are the same techniques that all the Real Estate Masters have and are the same skills we teach in our real estate coaching programs.  In fact they are so powerful that if you only apply a few of them in your real estate sales cycle they will make a noticeable difference at your sales conversion.

  • An information packed training video on-line each week for seven weeks that includes sales concepts, specially developed Rich Grof Performance Sales Coaching systems and a few BONUS surprises from our other premium coaching programs.
  • A full manual (63 pages), 8 chapters with extra information not found in the videos making it easier for you to really get what you need to accelerate your learning.
  • Full MP3 audio of each of the videos so you can make your learning portable on your phone, in your car or even as you workout!
  • Our proven “Self Coaching Workbook” that will guide you through each step of the way, as you implement all of the money making techniques.
  • A full compliment of templates, blank forms, and diagrams.  We include everything you need to get the most from the program.
  • BONUS – Full Membership privileges for 1 year, including discounts and special offers. We encourage you to go back and view the on-line videos several times. And don’t forget the BONUS videos!
  • BONUS – Our proven Sales Map Flowchart built to make sales conversion easy and natural. Using this map will make it easy to see how you can eliminate client problems.
  • BONUS – A final week bonus on an advanced training concept that we usually only include in our top coaching products.  This information is exactly what you need to move a wishy-washy buyer to “let me buy NOW!”
  • BONUS – Limited time special – Ask your questions and get answers on a single 25 minute one-to-one coaching call with one of our top sales coaches

We want you to succeed!

BoxCover_FrontAt Rich Grof Performance Sales Coaching and Leadership Development we have spent years studying what it takes for real estate sales agents to reach their full potential. Now you get to benefit from what we have learned over all those years. We have developed this real estate training / coaching program to help sort out what’s really important in your business and get you on the proven success track!

Our programs have helped hundreds of real estate agents like you achieve their dreams. Using this program our real estate sales clients have had a significant change in their business in the first year. Isn’t that something you could benefit from too?


How valuable is this program? Over $841 value for only $347!!


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NO risk to you! Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 5.14.50 PM

Get instant access right now.only $347

Yes! I want to get this awesome product right now. I understand that I will get:

  • One year access to the online training webpage
  • Full download access to the product audio MP3 , Manual, and forms.
  • Premium content as it is added to the product during your year long usage.
  • Other Rich Grof Performance Sales Coaching special discount (members pricing) offers on new and promotional products

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It’s always a pleasure to help success orientated real estate salespeople reach the next level in their business. I look forward to working with you and making this year a great success!To Your Success,

Rich Grof

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