Real Estate Training & Sales Coaching Strategies – Four Secrets for Success in Time Management

When you are in real estate sales working harder is smart.

Working smarter gives you more time and sales.

Yet only a few will ever master their time to achieve the success of being a top producer.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to unlock the secrets to your hidden potential?

Think of what it would feel like to have success and the time to enjoy it!

No more working around the clock!

Running your real estate sales business can be difficult.  The demands of being available for appointments with your regular clients as well as the pressing demands of sales prospects that call you and want to suddenly run out to look at a house can leave you working day and night.  All these variables create stresses that wear you down.

As a real estate sales agent you will need a plan to make time management strategies work for you.  To accomplish that you will need the right information.

You need to know that:

  • Unscheduled interruptions like sign and ad calls can kill time and waste your energy by changing your focus. Although these types of interruptions are necessary and can lead to new sales opportunities, they distract you from completing the actions that will benefit your long term goals for your business. They change your focus toward other actions—which may be fun for a while but will hurt you in the long run.
  • During the intensity of the sales process it is hard to focus on the important things.  Effective planning must happen in advance and plan for the nature of the real estate business.
  • Effective time management skills are complex because many factors determine how well you accomplish your goals. That’s why few real estate sales agents ever achieve the control they seek.
  • Traditional time management strategies are a waste of time when you are not leveraging your own unique abilities. You need a very personal, custom time management strategy in order to be the most effective.

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(Real Estate Sales Coaching Secrets)

Why Is Time Management So Difficult for Real Estate Sales Agents?

Real estate sales professionals face special challenges with time management.  Even the most efficient time manager will find themselves overwhelmed with the variables that present major obstacles every day.  At times it may seem like you’re just hanging on trying to manoeuvre through a maze of different and competing business activities.  It can fell like you are having your schedule dictated by an army of demanding buyers and sellers, mandatory real estate training, business paperwork and personal commitments. By the end of the day you are exhausted even wondering if you made any headway at all. Sound familiar?

Time management is simple. Get a calendar, block your time, create some systems to support your efforts and ta-da! Success, right?

If you’ve ever tried that approach, you know it’s not that easy!

So what’s the catch?

Most real estate sales training and coaching programs don’t tell you the secrets that make time management strategies effective.   Attend a time management seminar or a conference and you’ll find it won’t give you a personalized plan that suits your particular personal style. And without the right knowledge and practical skills, it’s hard to guarantee success.

Here are the secrets that real estate sales coaches know about time management.

Real Estate Training & Sales Coaching Tip #1 – It’s Not About Managing Time!

Time management has very little to do with time and everything to do with how we manage ourselves as real estate sales agents. Real estate sales coaches call this “self mastery” and it has a profound effect on moving your business and sales forward.  We only have a set number of hours in each day.  How we interact with the events in our life dictate how effective we will use the time we spend. Here’s what you need to know: First, you need to discover what I call your Action Style, or the way you achieve things. Your Action Style combines your individual motivation, beliefs and follow-through styles. By breaking it down into bite size parts, success becomes much closer within reach.

Our sales coaching members enjoy learning how to use their natural strengths and action styles to accomplish more in less time, without feeling guilty!

Often I will coach a real estate sales agent who may feel they are failing at their time management skills.  They feel tired and out of control at times, wondering what they are doing wrong.  After we discuss what they are going through, I usually discover that they will have a very rigid belief about how they “should” managing things. This belief comes from viewing other real estate sales agents in their office or from the instructions of a well meaning sales trainer. Unfortunately, although the principles of time management are universal, the application must be very individual and personal. When you understand your own personal Action Style, you can practice time management skills that suit your personal style! It’s that easy! With the right information and focus, you can achieve the success you have been dreaming of.

Real Estate Training & Sales Coaching Tip #2 – You Need a Strategy to Handle Unscheduled Interruptions

You Need a Strategy to Handle Unscheduled Interruptions

It’s easy to think about how you want your calendar to work, write it down, and then follow the schedule. If you have ever done that you know that within a few hours your PERFECT CALENDAR is completely off course… and of no use at all.
So now what?

To make your calendar work, you need a strategy for dealing with each of the unscheduled interruptions that take you off course. Unscheduled interruptions kill time and waste your energy. When you change focus from the actions you want to complete for your business to others that may be fun for a while, you hurt your real estate business in the long run.

Our real estate sales coaching members learn about the kinds of things that distract them and then learn how to manage their precious time to achieve even bigger goals. In fact, within the first few weeks of working through our personalized real estate sales coaching program, our coaching members willfree up to 5 hours per week on average!

Some of these unexpected distractions will be good opportunities for new real estate sales so you won’t want to miss them.  To effectively handle these types of opportunities you will need to know how to gain as much control as possible in each situation.  It’s very difficult and less productive for your real estate sales flow if you are continuously running to show sign calls, having to fit in unscheduled real estate buyer’s showings or preparing for a last minute listing presentation.  These opportunities will throw your schedule into chaos instantly. So how can you schedule these?  The fact is you can’t!  What you can do is put a variable time in your calendar and then fit these appointments into the time you have set for them.  That way you can still get your regular work done and seize any new opportunities that come.

Real Estate Training & Sales Coaching Tip #3 – Creating Systems Creates Extra Time for You Every Day

Highly productive real estate sales people have learned how to take every day activities and create a systematic process that will work effectively in little time or even without them. Think about it! Some of the day to day business tasks that you complete could be systemized to reduce the amount of time spent on them. That means in the slower times of the year you will want to look at every one of your real estate business processes and see what you could do to modify your step-by-step process to streamline your time.  Sometimes you will discover an old way of doing something that you may not even need right now.  Those processes can be eliminated or combined with another effect to make big time savings.

Here is a simple example:

When I was a real estate sales agent, my coach had recommended that I review all my processes, so I did just that.  I created real estate buyers and sellers packages that were pre-printed that I could have available in my briefcase anytime.  That saved me time in preparation and driving back to the office all the time.  Then I created forms to track my accounting and business management, made sure my briefcase was stocked with every form I would ever need and created an e-mail contact system that was automated to keep in contact with my past clients.

Here’s the best part!  After reviewing a sale that I had recently lost to a competitor, I decided that by changing my listing presentation I could reduce the amount of time I spent doing a CMA (comparitive market analysis)  substantially, saving over 1 hour for each presentation.  In fact, this new system worked so well it helped convert more real estate listing presentations than ever before and I saved a bundle of time while I landed the sale!

That’s how you create systems, gain valuable time and make more sales.

Are you ready for the BIG SECRET that will double your income overnight in less time than you spend now?

It’s a huge double win!

Estate Training & Sales Coaching Tip #4 – Leveraging Multiplies Your Time

The BIG secret success trick of highly productive real estate sales agents is that they have committed themselves to not doing it all themselves.  I know that sounds easy, but it’s harder to let go of tasks in your real estate business than you may think.  No matter what level you are in real estate sales there is a physical limitation to what you can do.  When you “peak out” you will need to begin the process of leveraging your time to move to the next level.

Most real estate sales agents find this uncomfortable and difficult to accomplish.  Whether you are just starting to outsource some of your business functions at those times when you are busy or you’re thinking of hiring an assistant, you may find it hard to let go and stay focused on your sales.  The reason this is so hard is that whenever you make this type of shift in your business you have effectively changed your business structure and that complicates things.  When you did everything yourself you thought of what needed to be done, understood what the task was and then effectively did it – simple!  Now with other people involved there is a new leadership dynamic you will need to get others to understand and complete things the way you want them done.  That means you may need new skills.


a Real Estate Champion in a Changing Market

(Real Estate Coaching Secrets)


to the Nex Level in your Real Estate Sales, NOW!

(Real Estate Sales Coaching Secrets)

‘OK – so let’s review…

The Very Best News about Secrets to Success in Time Management…

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** We have changed the names of individual coaching members to honour and respect confidentiality