Life: Some Assembly Required

Whatever your reason for being here, you have begun the first step in discovering your life’s quest. Your life’s quest will align the life you have been living with the full life you were created to have. It will radically change how you choose to see your life’s experiences. Expect to think differently, to stand out from the crowd, and to really experience life.  The thrill of this ride is unbelievable!

There is an internal motivation in all of us yearning for more from life.  It can be an inner calling, a small voice, or a constant knowing that things are not quite right, and yet we have no idea which way to go or what to look for. It’s like starting a trip across the country, blindfolded, with no map or directions. Were you really expecting to get very far? Nothing is worse then feeling stuck in mediocrity, living the same repeating patterns day after day. It makes you feel like this is all life has to offer. How do we find our way? How do we break those patterns?

We have life coaching programs designed to help you uncover your life’s quest and purpose. The Rich Grof Life Coach difference is our ability to empower our clients into attaining their true path. Our life coaching program serve Toronto, Barrie and across Canada. Contact Us for your life coaching.

Life is a journey? Says who?

A journey is like a pleasant vacation. You enjoy the scenery, create lasting memories, and then return home to continue living your life as you had left it.

A quest is an adventure that radically changes you along the way. Every experience is new and offers you learning towards your ultimate goal. It has a lasting impact on how you will live your life going forward.