How to pick the Best Calgary Business Coach for Your Small Business Growth

In this video, Rich teaches our unique and powerful technique that we use to consistently produce dramatic small business growth.

Understanding Small Business Growth Coaching in Calgary

We understand that working with someone from Calgary can be different than working with small business owners from Toronto, Vancouver or even Edmonton. One is not better than the other; they are just a little different. Successful Calgary business coaches know the importance of understanding the business culture in Calgary. That’s why when you begin your search for a small business coach or a small business growth consultant; you will want to assess their understanding of Calgary’s business culture because it will affect the success of the coaching relationship.

Do I Need a Small Business Growth Consultant or a Small Business Coach in Calgary

If you are looking for help with your growth, you need to ask yourself, do I need a small business growth consultant or a small business coach.  So what is the difference between the two? Well it has to do with the service they offer.

A business consultant will review your situation and help you understand what is not working as well as make recommendation to fix them. In short, they analysis and make recommendation or provide you with strategies, which you then have to make happen.  On the other hand, a small business growth coach will help you determine and understand what is most important to you and then work with you to make your goals happen. A small business growth coach focuses on making it happen including what actions are needed to get it done.

What is Mentoring?

Now let’s ad something that is important called mentoring. Business mentoring occurs when a coach has past business experience. They bring their expertise, experience, and understanding to the table and this can provide valuable insight at critical times.  This knowledge can come from direct experience or from indirectly coaching many in your industry. Both direct and indirect mentoring provides valuable resources that can increase your overall business performance.

Which is best?

That depends on your specific situation.  It has been our experience that to be a valuable small business growth coach in Calgary one needs to switch frequently between small business coaching, business consulting and business mentoring modes to be most effective. If you are not sure what you need, ask yourself this, “do I know what to do next?” If you can answer “yes” but are having a hard time getting it done, a small business coach would be best for you. If you are not sure what is happening or what to do next, a small business growth consultant could be a good investment.

Points to Consider When Choosing a Business Coach in Calgary

  1. Calgary Business Coaches and Credentialing

Coaching credentials are hard to verify unless the coach is accredited through one of the two main governing bodies, the International Coaching Federation (I.C.F.) or the International Association of Coaching (I.A.C.). Together these associations govern most major coaching schools and certified coaches.

Be leery of credentials you cannot verify. The internet is full of online “certified” coaching programs. A certification with either the I.C.F or I.A.C. can take years to achieve, whereas some schools give certification over the Internet in just a few hours of self study. A certified life coach, sales coach, small business coach or leadership coach has put in the time and effort to develop their own skills, habits and business to effectively help you with yours.

Our Calgary business coaches on the Rich Grof team are formally trained and are continually mentored by senior coaches on our leadership team. We are committed to providing superior service and performance. You can be assured that we are providing the highest level of expertise and service that you deserve.

  1. What Work Experience does your Small Business Coach in Calgary have?

When you choose a certified coach, consider also what experience they might have outside of coaching in and around your industry. Does the coach understand your industry? Are they attuned to sensitive issues that are relevant to you? Also, will they be able to provide you with helpful information and resources that can grow your success?

The team at Rich Grof specializes in small business growth; our coaches bring real experiences, insight and understanding of how to achieve success that will be valuable to your growth. Each Calgary business coach on our team has an expertise that allow us to fit you with the right knowledge and expertise for each step in your small business coaching in Calgary when you need it.

  1. What do your small business coach’s past and present clients think of them?

Check references and testimonials from any past or present clients of your prospective Calgary business coach. Find out about the scope of work that was performed, where they came up short and what they would have wanted to change in the coaching agreement. Does their coaching style mesh with your business style; can you see yourself in a working relationship with this coach? At Rich Grof for Small Business we like to hear from our clients to see what we can do to improve our process. That’s why we have every seminar participant fill out a feedback questionnaire. We want to know what our clients think about us and how we can improve the experience.  Our client’s feedback is one of the tools we use to improve our processes and consistence which are, coincidentally, the same skills we teach to our small business growth coaching members.

  1. Does their coaching process and programs fit in with what you need?

Every small business growth or sales coach has a process. If they don’t, they are waiting for the customer or client to lead. This may work for some people but for the majority of clients it usually causes confusion or stalls progress. If you want more knowledge than coaching then you need to specify that in your coaching agreement. Make sure that they have the knowledge base to help you with what you need. If you would prefer to have them lead you though the coaching process, ask what the process will look like and what you can expect. Knowing what the process is in advance and how it can help you grow will bring growth faster.

Our strategic approach for small business growth is centered on helping you discover your unique way to accomplish your goals, that’s the Rich Grof way to achieve results.  We understand that each client will accomplish it in a different way. We specialize and excel at customizing a program/method that will work for each individual client.  We do not have a cookie cutter program instead we take the time to understand our client, their business, their philosophy and their personality and provide them with the tools they will need to bring out their personal best now and in the future when they need it.

  1. Is your business coach for Calgary willing to give you a satisfaction guarantee?

A guarantee covers the possibility that your coaching arrangement does not end up working well for you. You will want the ability to end the agreement or cancel the contract without penalty. That way you can feel secure about getting value for what you are paying for.

The Rich Grof Coaching agreement is built around mutual respect.  We take the time to understand what strategies and conditions need to be present in order for us to provide what you need to be successful before you even start coaching. We know that a custom approach to small business coaching in Calgary requires more effort initially to start but realize the long term benefits to this strategy.