What a Business Coach in Calgary Knows about the Downturn

Strategies that Work

It’s Not Business as Usual in Calgary – Just ask any Calgary Business Coach

As a business coach in Calgary we know the realities of owning a business in Calgary; when times are great, business will thrive and when the oil industry is turbulent business will suffer. That’s the bottom line.  Certainly there can and will be other factors, however for the most part Calgary’s economic swings are largely tied to how well the oil industry is doing. Even though most business owners know this, they still seem surprised when the economic market changes. It can leave them feeling overwhelmed and not sure what to do next.

So, why does this happen?

There are many things that take place in businesses in Calgary that help to create the small business anxiety that happens when a downturn occurs.  Some businesses have tied major production costs and services to a large contract supplying the oil industry and cannot downsize quickly, others will not have the funds to steady their finances while sales fluctuate, and others may have started their business and don’t have a solid revenue stream.  Regardless of the situation, most businesses will immediately feel the effects of a downturn. What is really interesting for a business coach in Calgary is to see how the business community adapts to this new business climate and bounce back.

The Calgary Economy May Be Changing,

But Some Business People are Still Managing to Grow and Succeed

Why Not Join Them?

Change is Necessary in Order to Thrive in a Calgary Economic Downturn

Calgary business coaches know that once the downturn is in full swing, most small business owners will need time to adjust to the changing market place. How long it takes for them to face the new sobering business climate in Calgary will vary.  Some will bounce back quickly as they adapt and make changes to ride out the uncertainty. Others will continue to do business as usual hoping that they will not be affected by the downturn, that is until it is too late. This wait and see mentality coupled with a lack of knowledge as to how to do things differently will force many small business to downsize or close their doors.

A good small business coach can help business owners make the necessary adjustments to equip them to succeed in Calgary’s changing economic environment. That is if they are willing to change their mindset, because without the right mindset, business owners will not be able to see new opportunities, resources or information that would allow them to thrive.

We have had clients like this. They hire us to help them with their confusion and to develop a plan to make it through the downturn. Once we start to use our proven process things begin to change for them and stability can be restored.  It’s not uncommon for our clients to even see strong revenue growth even though their competitors are struggling.

How a Calgary Business Coach can help Change Perspective

One of the first things that happen in a downturn is that businesses will cut every expense possible to match shrinking sales.  Although this seems like a good idea, extreme expense cutting can be dangerous to building future sales.  In fact, a downturn can be an excellent time to aggressively capture market share, hire new sales consultants and open new revenue streams. Yes, this adversity could be the catalyst to a new opportunity!

Calgary business coaches on the Rich Grof team   will help you develop and master the skills needed to adjust to the changes taking place in your business and in the market place. We understand what it takes to make change happen. Our coaching staff can help you: refocus, reframe and strengthen you mental mindset, so that you can better adapt to the changes

  • Your Calgary business coach will help you discover new business opportunities that you were unaware of
  • create a plan that will allow your small business adapt quicker to change
  • build a strong team within your company so that you don’t lose valuable people
  • deal with time constraints due to having to fill multiple roles
  • build sales consultants skills to prevent the loss of potential clients
  • help your sales consultant strengthening their business development skills and marketing messages by adapting to the new business environment
  • and we will provide you with a third party perspective during difficult times

We invite you to get your questions answered.

The Next Step – Speak to our Business Coach for Calgary

We know how difficult these economic times are and what the stress can do to your life.  Bring your questions and let’s have a conversation about what’s working or not; no sales pitch.  At the same time we’ll discuss the value of a Rich Grof Small Business Coach in Calgary could be for you.  That way you can evaluate and make a highly informed decision about the next steps you need to make for your business to succeed.