How to Make Effective Sales Phone Calls – Sales Techniques

How to Make Effective Phone Calls – Sales Techniques

In order to make effective phone calls you need to prepare ahead of time. Your attitude, voice intonations and how you well you present the call will dictate your success.  If any one of these factors is “below par” it can mean the difference between losing  a potential client or gaining a new client.  So let’s take a look at some of the fundamentals of effective phone techniques including proper preparation and making a strong presentation. Read more

How to STOP the Sales Prospect Follow Up Chase – Sales Techniques

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of having to chase a sales prospect to follow up on a presentation or proposal you have given, you know how frustrating this is. Worse yet, it usually stops the sale from happening. In this video Master Coach Rich Grof, gives a sales technique to help improve our ability to close sales when we use our phone to communicate and eliminate the follow up chase.


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Selling Without Selling – Great Customer Service Leads to Sales- Sales Tip

Master Coach Rich Grof talks about how using great customer service as a sales technique can produce great results for business owners and sales people.

Rich and the team at Rich Grof Performance Sales Coaching offer sales training programs that are buyer focused and take the slimy feeling out of sales. If you would like to know more contact us.

What are your thoughts on using customer service skills vs sales skills. We would love to hear from you below.

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Social Selling – The new sales approach, are you ready?

The Sales Process is Changing

Today I’m sitting in a seminar on social selling with LinkedIn presented by my good friend Shane Serra (check out his LinkedIn profile here) from WSI.  Shane is brilliant at social selling and I’ve learned much from him over the years. He’s on the cutting edge of the new developments with LinkedIn and how social selling is evolving.  LinkedIn is a great way to establish relationship with other business people on a professional basis and every salesperson and sales manager needs to know how to use it. Even though my profile is in the top 5% of all LinkedIn users, I’m open to learning even more. I’m learning that the current pace of technology and social interaction is changing the overall sales process faster than we can imagine, and that’s important for a sales coach and leader.

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Find More Sales Prospects without Cold Calling – Sales Coaching Tips

Want more new sales prospects? Tried cold calling but that was impossible? Master Sales Coach Rich Grof gives a proven sales techniques and coaching tips on how to develop new sales contacts or prospects every day without extra effort. We all have to find prospects, but where do we find them? Try these steps;

Step 1 – Create connections within your contact sphere.

Step 2 – Be prepared for opportunities to present themselves.

Step 3 – Work diligently



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