How Can I Motivate My Employee? Leadership Development & Management Techniques

If you are a leader, you have wondered how to motivate your employees. Motivating people is a difficult problem that many managers and leaders struggle with. In this video, Master Sales Coach Rich Grof, explains what you need to know to get the best production out of any employee.

The $10,000 Mistake – Business and Sales Management Tip

Master Coach Rich Grof talks about the $10,000 mistake that business owners make over and over again. Don’t make this mistake in your business. We have many techniques and training tools that can help your avoid it. Contact us today!

How to Get Larger Clients- Leadership Dictates Your Success

In this video, Rich Grof, explains how you can start attracting bigger, more profitable, clients.

Your income is directly related to your leadership level. Making one small improvement to your leadership level causes a ripple effect in your income capacity. You can have the knowledge and the understanding of the sales process but still not move the prospect forward. Without a strong leadership posture, prospects will push against you and not move forward.

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Social Selling – The new sales approach, are you ready?

The Sales Process is Changing

Today I’m sitting in a seminar on social selling with LinkedIn presented by my good friend Shane Serra (check out his LinkedIn profile here) from WSI.  Shane is brilliant at social selling and I’ve learned much from him over the years. He’s on the cutting edge of the new developments with LinkedIn and how social selling is evolving.  LinkedIn is a great way to establish relationship with other business people on a professional basis and every salesperson and sales manager needs to know how to use it. Even though my profile is in the top 5% of all LinkedIn users, I’m open to learning even more. I’m learning that the current pace of technology and social interaction is changing the overall sales process faster than we can imagine, and that’s important for a sales coach and leader.

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How To Establish Leadership With Your Sales Prospect – Sales Techniques

So you may be asking “what is leadership?”

By definition leadership is the ability to influence someone. In sales, it’s the ability to influence somebody by helping them get what they want when they make a purchase. Notice I said help them get what they want. You need to balance how you influence them with how you help them. In other words don’t steer them into making a buying decision that does not matchup with what they really want just because you need to move a certain product or because you have extra stock you need to get rid of. That’s manipulation and no one likes that.

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