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Leadership Development Canada, Wisdom that Makes Stressful Challenges Powerful

Leadership Development Canada. Pearls of wisdom are organic leadership development

A few years ago, while spending the winter in Houston Texas with my family, I met a fellow Canadian couple.  Bernie was experienced in life, and imparted great pearls of living wisdom into my life.  One of those pearls concerned the story of how he started his current business.  Bernie is a Diesel Mechanic by trade and spent many years working in the oil industry in Alberta Canada.  He had grown up on a farm and learned “good horse sense” from his father. He spent time questioning everything that he saw and did, looking for the real or hidden problems and solutions. He discovered how to properly maintain diesel engines resulting in a decrease in repair bills. Read more

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The Way Of The Champion: How Sports Can Provide Leadership Training in Business

How Sports Can Provide Leadership Training in Business

The lessons learned from playing sports can be applied to so many areas of our life. I learned a valuable lesson when I was the team captain of our high school water polo team. Water polo is similar to hockey or soccer except there are two play areas: one is above the water which is visible to the spectators and the referees and the other is below the water where the action is distorted not only by splashing, but also from the depth and the refraction of the water. It is under water where much of the action takes place including grabbing, holding, kicking, and pulling all of which is unseen by the referees. Because most of these infractions go undetected by the referee no whistle or penalty is called. It is when a player retaliates above the water where the referee can see that the whistle is blown or a penalty is called

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Sales Strategy: How to Increase Mortgage Sales Income with the Same Amount of Effort!

This Sales Strategy Will Help You Increase Mortgage Sales Income with the Same Amount of Effort!

To increase your mortgage sales income with the same amount of effort will require a shift in your mindset and a fresh perspective.

If you were to study sales interactions you would observe that they all seem to go through a series of predictable steps. You would also notice that they all SEEM similar because they follow a certain script or plan. And if you are really observant you would see that the difference between successful sales people and those who were struggling through the sales process, has more to do with the fact that  they FEEL different. Read more


How to Make Effective Sales Phone Calls – Sales Techniques

How to Make Effective Phone Calls – Sales Techniques

In order to make effective phone calls you need to prepare ahead of time. Your attitude, voice intonations and how you well you present the call will dictate your success.  If any one of these factors is “below par” it can mean the difference between losing  a potential client or gaining a new client.  So let’s take a look at some of the fundamentals of effective phone techniques including proper preparation and making a strong presentation. Read more

Building a Performance Sales Team – Sales Manager Training

The art of building a performance sales team has long been referred to as a gift more than a science. Sometimes what makes a great sales person cannot be measured by data nor can it be assessed in an interview.  Being successful in sales requires one to be gifted in soft skills (ie. interpersonal skills). Because these skills are difficult to determine from a resume or a 10- 20 minute interview many successful candidates end up not being “suited” for the job. Most business owners, managers or sales manager rely on a “sink or swim” philosophy when hiring a salesperson. They hire the ones that seem to be the best candidates.  When they don’t meet the sales quota they are shown the front door. It seems that if you don’t have the “gift” for making sales you’re out. But this approach to hiring and training can lead to a revolving door of sales people. Few make it, most don’t.  

So here is the good news: inspiring great sales performance can be accomplished with the right skills. Sales managers will need to invest time to not only understand each salespersons motivational style, but also how they implement actionable tasks to get things done.  If you’re a sales manager or in charge of sales you may need to adjust, tweak or adopt a new leadership style in order to hold your sales people accountable and to keep them focused. Read more