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Sales Coaching Testimonials

My greatest change has always been birthed out of the frustration of not being able to move myself to the next level in my development. Enter Rich Grof. He identified almost immediately the key areas I was struggling with and provided unique and specific techniques to overcome the plateau in my business. The Midas Touch training CD has been an instrumental sales resource in my business this year. As a sales professional, I am keenly aware of the art of the sales cycle and the concept of Pressure VS Tension as presented has brought a fresh perspective to me. Rich has taught me that even in the financial services industry, creating a positive, high tension buying experience is invaluable to my clients in identifying what they want and in helping me close more business. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone who is looking to move from frustration to high sales conversion. His insight will be the best return on investment you will receive this year!

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Sales Coaching Testimonials

I wanted to take this time to let you know that over the last three months, as we have been working together, I have found a new sense of empowerment.  Three months ago I searched you out as a coach as I knew that if I wanted to be the business person I knew I could be I was going to need some guidance and support.

Success means different things to everyone and the belief structure that we are taught as we grow up can limit our ability to succeed as we envision.  I knew this to be true and wanted to get ahead of the curve to make sure that I did not run into a wall just as things were getting going.

Through your coaching, and work on my part, we have been able to look at ideas that could have held me back and dealt with them ahead of the curve.  I love the coaching process and the ability to see what is in my way during the week work on it that same week with you, only to be able to apply the change immediately.  It is very satisfying.

I see my successful future in front of me and feel confident that it is within my grasp.  I look forward to our continued coaching sessions.

Sales Coaching Testimonials

In the first five months of coaching, I matched the amount of transactions of all of last year.  In nine months, I have doubled the transactions from last year!  (Almost doubling my commissions already….and the year is not over!)  I can’t wait to see what next year will bring.

Coaching keeps me focused and excited about my business.

Coaching has improved not only my business but my life as well.

The quick start program helps get you started with the basics.  Working with others on my team strengthens my skills for my clients.

Sales Coaching Testimonials

“I had been watching the Olympics when I was researching different coaching programs, and remember thinking to myself, “I’m pretty good on my own, but nobody gets to the Olympics without a coach, and I want to live my life at the Olympic level”. …

My coach Rich Grof, continually helps me to clarify my goals and he’s a constant reminder of what they are.  He really pays attention too, noticing when my mind is drifting back into autopilot again!  It is easy for me, or anybody, to slip back into old habits. Change doesn’t happen in one moment, it’s an ongoing process.  What a challenge and revelation that has been for me!”

Leadership Coaching Testimonials

When I first started working with Phalan she had told me to be ready for exciting changes. I didn’t doubt her or her ability in that statement, but WOW, exciting was an understatement! In just a short time I have seen, not only in myself but those around me, positive changes by using simply ideas she has given me to think outside of the box. She has guided me to learn about who I am, who I want to be and excel in every aspect of my life. Thank You Phalan!

Seminar Coaching Testimonials

Rich Grof, is a very effective presenter and communicated well to all the professionals that attended the recent training ,”Learn How to Embrace “NEW” Business Strategies for Businesses Success in an Ever Changing World.

Rich gave us detailed knowledge, great tools and implementation ideas that we Business Owners could use in our everyday business lives! I have also met with Rich, and he is experienced in his field of Professional Coaching, and I would recommend his services to help motivate and produce positive results in any organization .

Coaching Testimonials

Working with Rich was an absolute pleasure. Although we worked in very different departments, I could always count on Rich to bounce around ideas with and for advice. At the time, I was just starting out in the “corporate” world and Rich became a very appreciated self-appointed coach for me! He helped me make the transition to corporate life and guided me in the decisions I knew I had to make and the ones I didn’t realize were there for me to make. I was very lucky to have Rich on my side and any one who hires Rich as a coach would be just as lucky.

Sales Coaching Testimonials

Rich helped me with focusing not just on my business, but also with developing my core values, understanding why it’s important for me to be successful and happy in all areas of my life.

Sales Coaching Testimonials

Rich is not a typical coach. When an obstacle to increased success seems obscure, misunderstood or perhaps is mis-diagnosed, Rich will help you find a solution. His introductory seminar this morning was full of great information, and I look forward to more.

Sales Coaching Testimonials

I’ve recently attended one of Rich’s seminars that deals with client identification, differentiation and client process.

Rich offers an incredibly comprehensive system to help you understand your company’s client process from start to finish. This system, coupled with his extensive background and down-to-earth style of delivering the material ensures that it “clicks”! I find that he is easy to relate to and just a pleasure to listen to.

I’m looking forward to additional work with Rich and to further audio and visual materials that will help to keep his energetic style and great system close at hand.

Five stars!

Coaching Testimonials

My relationship started with Rich as a colleague and it continues as a friend and mentor.

Rich has a quality that helps you cut through all the masks that you are hiding behind to discover your picture of success. Whether pushing or pulling me forward, Rich has helped me see my limiting beliefs and has genuine tools–& tricks–that helped me to overcome them.

Rich is an expert. I am honoured that he continues to mentor me.

Sales Coaching Testimonials

Rich Grof has been an amazing attribute to my life. We first met in 2005 when he was hired as my real estate coach. I have learnt a lot from him, and he has helped me grow in both my personal and business life.

Leadership, H.R. Coach

I hired Rich to be my co-facilitator to help sales people coach their clients. His rich stories based on his own sales experiences, warmth and genuine connection with clients made my job easy. Rich rocks!

I hired Rich Grof over in 2009 to be my career coach and mentor. In a difficult time for the real estate industry, Rich has provided me with excellent advice, encouragement, valuable critique, and a sounding board whether I’m up, or whether I’m down. I’ve built a strong personal relationship with Rich based upon respect and trust. I credit him with helping me to maintain my sales and my morale during a time when so many other realtors’ businesses are failing. I strongly recommend him to other realtors looking to build a solid, service based career.

Phalan provided me with a sample audio disk of her companies’ sales program from the “Midas Touch” It was not only informative, but interesting as well, and I found I had to listen to portions of it two or three times so I could make sure I would retain the information. I strongly recommend looking into the program for anyone involved in sales and marketing as either an individual or with a company.
Great stuff thanks for the free gold Phalan.