Rich Grof Professional Business Coaching

Rich Grof Performance Sales Coaching and Leadership Development is a leading provider of quality professional business coaching. We specialize in sales training, small business training executive coaching, leadership training, and personal life and business seminars in Toronto, Calgary, and across Canada.

Each of our team of leaders is gifted in the principles of Human Success Dynamics and the psychology of success. We are dedicated to helping you break through those unseen barriers that stop you or  your team from achieving a personal best.

  • Discover what blocks you from moving forward in your business and personal life
  • Enjoy professional business coaching that will help you  leverage your natural strengths to produce great results
  • Get rid of the nagging doubts that leave you unable to move forward
  • Use our professional business coaching and sales training to create the future you desire
  • Enjoy the benefits of more focused energy and less stress as your business moves towards greater growth and success

Make no mistake; this is a professional business coaching program like no other. We have years of personal experience, business experience and we’ve actually attended the school of “hard knocks”, let us put our know-how to work for you.

“I couldn’t believe how fast we uncovered what was really holding me back.  I had been working on this roadblock for years and was stuck.  In a few sessions, we had a clear picture of what was going on, made huge changes and had a plan of action that was doable.”

Does this sound like you?

Our clients are a special breed of people.  They carry a deep desire to be better than they are today.

Do you have a vision of a better life…and have no intention of letting it go?  Does your vision push you to the point that you seem to work all the time, not wanting to miss any opportunity to move your business forward? Then you are like many of our professional business coaching clients.

Have you tried different solutions to your challenges, only to find yourself stuck right back where you started?

Do you suffer with guilt about not spending time with family when you’re at work…and guilt about not working enough when you’re at home?

Isn’t it time for a change?