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The Way Of The Champion: How Sports Can Provide Leadership Training in Business

How Sports Can Provide Leadership Training in Business

The lessons learned from playing sports can be applied to so many areas of our life. I learned a valuable lesson when I was the team captain of our high school water polo team. Water polo is similar to hockey or soccer except there are two play areas: one is above the water which is visible to the spectators and the referees and the other is below the water where the action is distorted not only by splashing, but also from the depth and the refraction of the water. It is under water where much of the action takes place including grabbing, holding, kicking, and pulling all of which is unseen by the referees. Because most of these infractions go undetected by the referee no whistle or penalty is called. It is when a player retaliates above the water where the referee can see that the whistle is blown or a penalty is called

To “play the game” effectively, a player would have to remain calm, focus on the ball, focus on the game and have to “zone out” from the pain. If a player let frustration and the desire to get even overcome him then his ability to perform and play the game would be lost.

So it is with anything we will do in our lives. There are two battles to be waged: one that others can see and the other inside of us. Remember to maintain your focus and like playing water polo, expect the ‘hit’, its part of the game. The good news is that, the more skilled you are the more of a threat you become. Keep summoning the champion inside and remember the lesson of “The Way Of The Champion”.