Sales Strategy: How to Increase Mortgage Sales Income with the Same Amount of Effort!

This Sales Strategy Will Help You Increase Mortgage Sales Income with the Same Amount of Effort!

To increase your mortgage sales income with the same amount of effort will require a shift in your mindset and a fresh perspective.

If you were to study sales interactions you would observe that they all seem to go through a series of predictable steps. You would also notice that they all SEEM similar because they follow a certain script or plan. And if you are really observant you would see that the difference between successful sales people and those who were struggling through the sales process, has more to do with the fact that  they FEEL different.


Because buying is both a logical and an emotional process!

You’re going to “feel” it as much as you’re going to “see” it. To achieve this, you may only need to make some minor alterations in your sales process to see MAJOR results. The Unstoppable Sales Conversion System can provide you with the right “tweaks” so that you can close more deals rather than having deals slip through your fingers.

A Simple Method to Improve Your Sales Process

RECORD! Yes, record yourself. Start by writing down your process, your scripts, your response to buyer objections, so you can begin to see and understand what is working and what is not.  In order to fix a problem, you first need to discover what is causing the problem. If you choose not to determine what is causing the problem anything you do will be nothing more than an uneducated guess.

Besides recording yourself you also need to track the results of all your sales interactions. Watch for clues that indicate the client is beginning to lose interest, have doubts or objections and USE these observations to fine-tune your sales process. Do this diligently, and you could easily see your sales jump upwards of 2-3 times your current volume.

Mortgage Broker Sales Conversion: The Need to Know

As a mortgage broker, no doubt you have been pouring time and effort into providing a seamless experience and great value for your clients. Even though this may give you the edge in acquiring referrals, you’re probably still spinning your wheels trying to obtain enough new clients to keep your business growing.

Every mortgage agent strives to attain a consistent and measurable stream of business. The key in doing so hinges on your client sales conversion process and how well you know it.

Poor Sales Conversion: The Costs

Hard Costs

If your mortgage business is not built on a strong Sales Conversion System, then you will spend the majority of your career running on the Client Acquisition Treadmill – constantly running after the next deal or client. Like a fire without fuel,  you’ll eventually burn out.

As a mortgage broker, your “fuel” consists of time, energy, and money. You burn through 5 times as much “fuel” finding and developing new prospect relationships. Not very economical is it? So it is in your best interest to retain your existing clients throughout the entire sales process.

Opportunity Costs

What does it cost you when you lose focus or fumble through the sales conversion within the mortgage sales process? One deal? Three deals? Maybe a lucrative referral partner?

All too often, I witness mortgage professionals  disregard prospects that seem like they are  “tire kickers” or “window shoppers” because the prospect said something that rubbed them the wrong way. This sloppy form of client discovery will severely hamper your sales conversion rates – potentially causing you to lose out on another deal, or a connection of a lifetime.