Building a Performance Sales Team – Sales Manager Training

The art of building a performance sales team has long been referred to as a gift more than a science. Sometimes what makes a great sales person cannot be measured by data nor can it be assessed in an interview.  Being successful in sales requires one to be gifted in soft skills (ie. interpersonal skills). Because these skills are difficult to determine from a resume or a 10- 20 minute interview many successful candidates end up not being “suited” for the job. Most business owners, managers or sales manager rely on a “sink or swim” philosophy when hiring a salesperson. They hire the ones that seem to be the best candidates.  When they don’t meet the sales quota they are shown the front door. It seems that if you don’t have the “gift” for making sales you’re out. But this approach to hiring and training can lead to a revolving door of sales people. Few make it, most don’t.  

So here is the good news: inspiring great sales performance can be accomplished with the right skills. Sales managers will need to invest time to not only understand each salespersons motivational style, but also how they implement actionable tasks to get things done.  If you’re a sales manager or in charge of sales you may need to adjust, tweak or adopt a new leadership style in order to hold your sales people accountable and to keep them focused.

The Current State of Sales Training

According to a recent Harvard Business Review article, traditional sales training has slowly lost its effectiveness over the past 20 years.  Sales managers now find themselves struggling to produce and repeat sustainable results.  Our research has shown that traditional methods are no longer keeping up with the changing buyer environment, the internet and the multi platform sales process. Consequently, salespeople find themselves hanging on to outdated methods which fail to produce results.


A New Way to Think about Sales Performance

Our extensive research and testing has lead us to develop a unique buyer centered sales training system. The focus of this approach integrates leadership and performance psychology. This combination helps eliminate the anxiety that most people associated with sales. Our system will help sales people discover their own sales integrity philosophy so that they feel confident and comfortable working with the prospect through the sales cycle. And best of all, it minimizes buyers resistance so sales conversions increase dramatically.  So whether you are running a small business in the Toronto GTA or whether you’re a sales manager training in Calgary, we encourage you to learn develop your sales team with some of our top sales training seminars  or sales coaching.