How to STOP the Sales Prospect Follow Up Chase – Sales Techniques

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of having to chase a sales prospect to follow up on a presentation or proposal you have given, you know how frustrating this is. Worse yet, it usually stops the sale from happening. In this video Master Coach Rich Grof, gives a sales technique to help improve our ability to close sales when we use our phone to communicate and eliminate the follow up chase.


If you are a business owner or sales person who uses an interview, estimate or discovery process to find out what your prospect needs during your sales cycle, and you’ve been working your butt off to offer great value and service, and you’re still walking away without a signed sales agreement, then this is the answer to your question…

Why Won’t My Prospects Get Started with Me Right Now?

And even better than that, learn exactly what you can do to radically change your approach.

Hi everyone! I’m Rich Grof, founder of Rich Grof Performance Sales Coaching. I’ve spent my business career coaching solopreneurs, business owners, and sales people like you to achieve impressive breakthroughs in their performance and production.

I’m excited to tell you that by having a proven system and developing a few new skills, you can change your sales conversion from hit-and-miss to a solid 80-90% without spending any extra time or money putting it into action.

If you have been talking to your prospects and it seems terribly hard to get them started, or if you feel like you are on and off and can’t manage to put your figure on the winning formula to get people to start working with you today,

Stop Wondering What the Magic Formula is…

When I started in sales, I acted like most people—and I had little to no success. Nothing seemed to work so I kept testing new ideas, went to seminars and talked with the top producers. Eventually I started getting new clients, but it wasn’t on a regular basis, sound familiar?

Then I got fed up and started to get deliberate about every step of the process. I discovered that…

Being Knowledgeable and Capable Doesn’t Get You New Clients, but
Having an Unstoppable New Client Enrolment System Will!

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