Real Estate Coaching – 6 Steps to Rapidly Bring a Real Estate Buyer to Close

Bringing a Real Estate Buyer to a Close Takes a Plan

Bringing a real estate buyer to an effective close in a reasonable amount of time takes a plan. Once you have a solid plan on how to work with buyers, you will need to focus on these 6 key points.  Using these strategies will increase your sales conversion and reduce the amount of time you spend with each real estate buyer.


6 Steps to Rapidly Bring a Real Estate Buyer to Close

  1. Build your client agreement prior to starting to work with your real estate buyer.  By outlining how you work prior to starting with your buyer, you’ll be starting on the right foot and control the pace and tempo of the interaction.
  2. List what they need and want.  It’s Important to know exactly what a buyer means when they say they “need” something.  Often, a buyers “needs” are really a “wants” that can be negotiated.
  3. Work individually first then collaboratively.  Make sure that when you’re working with couples if you get of them to fill out it needs and wants assessment.  When that’s completed, placed both of the assessment in front of a couple and ask them to rate them as a team in order of importance. that will help them decide as a couple what’s most important and what order things need to be looked at.
  4. Calibrate their purchase to see if it fits their budget. Never, never, never take a buyer out to look at homes if you know that they are not realistic in their price expectations for the area and home that they want.  If you take them  out in hopes of showing them the realities of the market you will find yourself struggling to get them comfortable with the current market pricing.  In fact, because you agreed to take them out to “just look at a few homes”, they will hold onto the faint hope that there is a perfect home under market price waiting for them to find it (and yes, that means you will be showing them every home in the market!).
  5. Prevent your client from wandering. If you get a phone call and your client is wanting information on a home they just saw on M.L.S. that doesn’t match any of the pre-agreed needs and wants, pull up the listing and then discuss it with the buyer reminding them of the plan that you have for them to find their new home.  If you allow the buyer to pull you one direction to another, you will find that you will have a difficult time getting them to focus enough to make a purchase.
  6. Remember that this is a very emotional process!  Keep your cool when your client becomes emotional.  Your roll when this happens is to help the buyer through the buying process, through the emotion and represent their best interest.  If you are swayed by the buyers emotion you will not be able to help them and will more than likely loose the sale.