Real Estate Coaching – Is Being “Busy” Killing Productivity

There’s no question in my mind that being a real estate agent in today’s market requires you to juggle many different tasks and functions.  All these tasks can have you working non stop and at the end of the day you find that there is still more to do. But is all this busy work really producing results?

Too Busy to Get Anything Done

It’s not uncommon to be busy in real estate sales: it is uncommon to be productive.  The origin of this problem stems from the way we start in real estate sales. Since board training doesn’t prepare you for the realities of the new profession, you start off doing whatever you can to make things work. Eventually some of the things you’ve been doing will begin to produce results and you will continue to use those skills all the time.  Then to increase your volume you must use the skills more frequently without considering how efficient your actions are.  It’s not that the thought never crossed your mind to review what you are doing, it’s just that you’re so busy right now that you’ll think about it later.  And that’s how most real estate agents get “too busy”.

“Too Busy” and Time Management Techniques

Once you find yourself “too busy” as a real estate agent standard time management techniques won’t work effectively. Simply planning your schedule in your day timer or phone won’t help you deal with the realities of an ever changing schedule.  With last minute offers and working into the night, standard time management tools cannot keep up with the special considerations that your real estate business demands.

So here is my encouragement to those who are “too busy”. In order to get better control of your time management skills you will need a performance plan and high accountability.  I’ve helped hundreds of real estate sales agents work through the riggers of developing their own personal performance plan and learning how to plan their day.  The results have helped them with increased productivity and time they didn’t think they had.  If your wanting to get out of the “too busy” trap get your manager, mentor agent and/or a performance real estate coach to help you work through the process.  Their experience will help make the transition easier.
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