Little Things Create BIG Changes in Your Success – Business Growth Coaching

It’s All Easy in the Beginning

It started like any normal Saturday in my hometown.  My dear wife stood firmly in the position of motivator and project manager, and myself the designated person responsible for the completion of the task at hand. This day I was to fix a simple household appliance; the blender.  After all, how hard could it be?  

Now please understand I am very mechanically inclined and have spent many years working in the trades so fixing something so basic should have been easy.  I proceeded to dismantle the blender keeping track of all the parts in a methodical manner until …plink, bong a little spring went flying into the air!  Where it went I’ll never know, but it’s lost and gone forever.

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Open Your Mind to New Opportunities For your Sales and Business

The Lightbulb Effect – The Natural Leadership Skills Training Course

We’ve all experienced a moment in time when the “lightbulb” went on and we had a clearer understanding of a concept, idea or even a whole new revelation to a problem we have been struggling with. Like a flash of lightening coming from the sky, this revelation blasts into your life and electrifies you with shocking power.

I Think I Understand – Mindset Reviewed

Recently I had my own lightning bolt of reality shock me.  I was working on improving my skills as a coach and had a senior trainer review one of my calls.  What I discovered blew my mind.  The skill that I thought I had done so well at before ended up being was something else. I discovered I had mastered something totally different!  This opened the door for me to really look at what I think I understand.

What do we really understand?  What do we know?  What happens when we think we know?  Like me, once you think you understand a concept you tend to close your mind, and all learning stops!  You see, the danger is when we think we understand.  The greatest treasure we can have is not what we think we know but what we don’t.  Learning this leadership skill will help you make radical changes to your business or sales profession.

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