5 Tips for Knowing when Change is About to Happen – Coaching for Small Business Owners

Coaching for Small Business:  Changing Seasons

While driving home from work one day I came across a beautiful sight. I usually took a series of back roads that lead me through the winding hills of the rural countryside near our home. This day was no different, as I came over a familiar hill that let me know I was almost home. As I viewed the landscape my eyes were drawn to a single tree that was in full autumn colors of bold reds and oranges. It was fantastic! I passed it in seconds; however that image became burned into my mind. As I continued my trek home I was keenly aware that no other trees were in full season such as the one I just saw. Seeing that one tree already displaying its fall colors got me to think about the upcoming seasonal change. So I began to make a mental list of all the things that would need to be done to prepare for the coming cold weather.  This type of trigger happens in your personal life and also in your small business.

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Open Your Mind to New Opportunities For your Sales and Business

The Lightbulb Effect – The Natural Leadership Skills Training Course

We’ve all experienced a moment in time when the “lightbulb” went on and we had a clearer understanding of a concept, idea or even a whole new revelation to a problem we have been struggling with. Like a flash of lightening coming from the sky, this revelation blasts into your life and electrifies you with shocking power.

I Think I Understand – Mindset Reviewed

Recently I had my own lightning bolt of reality shock me.  I was working on improving my skills as a coach and had a senior trainer review one of my calls.  What I discovered blew my mind.  The skill that I thought I had done so well at before ended up being was something else. I discovered I had mastered something totally different!  This opened the door for me to really look at what I think I understand.

What do we really understand?  What do we know?  What happens when we think we know?  Like me, once you think you understand a concept you tend to close your mind, and all learning stops!  You see, the danger is when we think we understand.  The greatest treasure we can have is not what we think we know but what we don’t.  Learning this leadership skill will help you make radical changes to your business or sales profession.

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Rich Grof Business Coach

Finding Good Employees for Your Small Business is a Hassle – Tips from a Top Business Coach

Finding Good Employees for Your Small Business is a Hassle – Tips from a Top Business Coach

Overcoming Small Business Growth Challenges

Some small business owners make the decision, knowingly or unknowingly, to remain a “one-person-show”. If they’re happy with their income and the number of hours they put in, then this might be the right choice for them. But for anyone who wants their business to grow, the reality is they will need to hire more people. The decision to hire additional help is not with out its struggles. I have coached many solo-preneurs and small business owners through this transition and have heard their concerns of, “I have hired numerous people and none of them were any good” or “I can’t afford to hire people to grow my business”, they say. Is it really reasonable to suggest that there are no “good people” out there or that there is no one looking for a part-time opportunity to grow with your company? I don’t think so. Somehow the competition figures it out; from start up companies, established local companies to giant corporations, they all grew by hiring the right people. Growing your business is an achievable goal and is the foundation of a successful business – but how can you do this effectively?

Let me be your business coach for a few minutes and give you a few tips on how to grow your business effectively straight from our business growth coaching program.

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How Leadership is Decided – Leadership Posture Secrets

First Impressions Count when Determining a Leadership Hierarchy

The flow of leadership is not decided in one single moment, it’s fluid and active. This is much different than an organizational authority flow chart for a company that is chosen once and seldom changes.

Each time a group or team of people meet together the leadership hierarchy and organizational structure will be reorganized. This is not a conscious choice by most people; it’s an unconscious readjustment of how leadership works within the team. So every time a new person joins the team, there will be a change in the leadership hierarchy. Any time a team member exhibits leadership behaviour at a higher level than what they currently occupy within the team, it will also cause a readjustment. This leadership change is called a leadership bid. Someone within the team is looking to place themselves in a higher leadership position. The bidding process for leadership allows any individual in the team to bid for a higher leadership level at any time.

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How Can I Motivate My Employee? Leadership Development & Management Techniques

If you are a leader, you have wondered how to motivate your employees. Motivating people is a difficult problem that many managers and leaders struggle with. In this video, Master Sales Coach Rich Grof, explains what you need to know to get the best production out of any employee.