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The art of building a performance sales team has long been referred to as a gift more than a science. Sometimes what makes a great sales person cannot be measured by data nor can it be assessed in an interview.  Being successful in sales requires one to be gifted in soft skills (ie. interpersonal skills). Because these skills are difficult to determine from a resume or a 10- 20 minute interview many successful candidates end up not being “suited” for the job. Most business owners, managers or sales manager rely on a “sink or swim” philosophy when hiring a salesperson. They hire the ones that seem to be the best candidates.  When they don’t meet the sales quota they are shown the front door. It seems that if you don’t have the “gift” for making sales you’re out. But this approach to hiring and training can lead to a revolving door of sales people. Few make it, most don’t.  

So here is the good news: inspiring great sales performance can be accomplished with the right skills. Sales managers will need to invest time to not only understand each salespersons motivational style, but also how they implement actionable tasks to get things done.  If you’re a sales manager or in charge of sales you may need to adjust, tweak or adopt a new leadership style in order to hold your sales people accountable and to keep them focused. Read more

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Is ‘Fire Fighting’ Killing Your Business Growth – 7 Professional Business Coaching Tips

The Cost of ‘Fire Fighting’ is Huge!

One of my professional business coaching clients, who I will call ‘Bill’, owned a construction company and was struggling with employee management and how to improve employee productivity. He seemed to spend more time solving or fixing problems than he did finding new sales prospects. Every time he “put out a fire” another spark would ignite a new situation that he would have to deal with. Bill had employees who refused to arrive to work on time, who disappeared from the job site, who cut corners (which ended up costing the company extra just in repairs), and he had some employees who stole or mistreated materials and or equipment from the company.  It got so bad that he was ready to close his business and sell off everything!

Many of our small business coaching clients, including Bill, struggle with similar difficulties in maintaining control over of their employees let alone improving employee productivity. In fact, we have seen how these employee problems can result in a significant loss of profit in a small business.  When a company lacks strong leadership it is prime for a tragic loss that we call the “ten thousand dollar mistake.” It happens when you have the wrong person in the right place at the worst time possible; they do something that costs your business a lot!

Fire fighting is prominent problem in small business that we have included specific focus on it in our leadership skills training course for managers and owners. Here are some of the topics we help our clients with.

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Frustrated with your Sales Prospect? Read This!

Sales Coaching:  Frustration in the Sales Process Indicates a Struggle in Leadership

Any time a salesperson or business owner works with a sales prospect someone ends up taking the lead.   If the prospect takes the lead the interaction will be fraught with frustration and indecision for both of you.  When they lead the probability that they will make a successful purchase will diminish greatly and the amount of time you spend to get them to sign the deal with increase significantly.  The end results will have you working longer, for less profit and greater frustration. Eventually you will become financially stressed and emotionally wore out wondering why everything seems so difficult and time consuming. Most business owners know what this feels like.

Sales Leadership is Related to Your Business Income Capability

Even though you have knowledge and understanding of the sales process you may still be struggling with moving the prospect forward in the sales process. If you do not display a strong leadership demeanour your prospects will push up against you and they will not move forward. It is for this reason that you need to realize how your leadership level is directly related to your income capability. When we work with our sales coaching clients we can really show them how much this is costing them. When they realize that a lack of leadership directly causes them to lose sales, they pay attention.

The good news is that when you make small changes to your leadership presence you will begin to see improvements in your income capability.  Why? This happens because when you lead effectively people will follow more willingly. One of those changes would be to display confidence as you take charge of the process. Your sales prospect needs to see you as the specialist, the authority in the product or service and the one who can answer all their questions with integrity and honesty. The more confidence you project the less resistance you will get from a sales prospect and the less resistance you encounter the faster you will move forward.

It’s that simple.

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Little Things Create BIG Changes in Your Success – Business Growth Coaching

It’s All Easy in the Beginning

It started like any normal Saturday in my hometown.  My dear wife stood firmly in the position of motivator and project manager, and myself the designated person responsible for the completion of the task at hand. This day I was to fix a simple household appliance; the blender.  After all, how hard could it be?  

Now please understand I am very mechanically inclined and have spent many years working in the trades so fixing something so basic should have been easy.  I proceeded to dismantle the blender keeping track of all the parts in a methodical manner until …plink, bong a little spring went flying into the air!  Where it went I’ll never know, but it’s lost and gone forever.

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5 Tips for Knowing when Change is About to Happen – Coaching for Small Business Owners

Coaching for Small Business:  Changing Seasons

While driving home from work one day I came across a beautiful sight. I usually took a series of back roads that lead me through the winding hills of the rural countryside near our home. This day was no different, as I came over a familiar hill that let me know I was almost home. As I viewed the landscape my eyes were drawn to a single tree that was in full autumn colors of bold reds and oranges. It was fantastic! I passed it in seconds; however that image became burned into my mind. As I continued my trek home I was keenly aware that no other trees were in full season such as the one I just saw. Seeing that one tree already displaying its fall colors got me to think about the upcoming seasonal change. So I began to make a mental list of all the things that would need to be done to prepare for the coming cold weather.  This type of trigger happens in your personal life and also in your small business.

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