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Performance Planning in 7 Simple Steps for Sales Managers

Performance Planning in 7 Simple Steps for Sales Managers

When is the Best Time to Look at Your Sales Performance Planning?

Planning for Success

Good managers know that planning in advance and reviewing these plans on a regular basis to see what changes are needed are important for success.

I encourage my coaching members to adopt a simple system in order to plan for their success.  The simpler your plan is, the more likely you will follow it. When making your plan keep in mind that most people will over estimate what they can change in one year and underestimate what they can do in 3-5 years.

What You Need to Look at

Your plan will need to look at a number of components to be successful. The following is a list of steps I recommend you integrate into your planning and development for the best performance in your business:
  1. Do a business review of your current year’s statistics for your sales totals and for each sales person.
  2. Do a review of your personal and team S.W.O.T. (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).
  3. Set your goals for sales and lifestyle first then look at what needs to happen to accomplish them.
  4. Review your past sales/marketing plan and decide how your plan will need to change and adapt.
  5. Review areas for technical growth and ability.
  6. Set up your own Personal Implementation Plan. Without a comprehensive plan to make change happen you could run into problems you never expected.
  7. Set up your tracking and monitoring system.

Timing your Review

The best time to do your planning and review is after the first week in December. By that time most of your clients and prospects will be busy with the holidays and contacting them may be tough. If you find yourself busy in December, work through your sales prospects and reschedule your planning for a quiet time in January. There are always times when things slow down in your businesses use that time to plan.

I personally like to plan a trip away to do planning. Even if it is a short day trip, a change of scenery will help you look at your business and the possibilities that are available for you in the coming year in a different way. Regardless of how you plan, you need to plan for success. So take the time and schedule in your business review now, you will be taking your first step to a great future!

Reach Success: Raise Up Your Inner Champion

Reach Success: Raise Up Your Inner Champion

The Challenges of Success

It’s no secret that the road to success in sales or business has many challenges. Most people know that. We’ve all discovered this truth as we have worked towards our own personal success in our small business or our lives. Each time we are challenged, it’s comforting to know that there is a powerful champion spirit that can rise up inside of us and overcome the seemingly impossible challenges in our path.

Having this champion spirit gives us reassurance that we are on the right track towards success and that we can handle any trouble that come our way. It also builds resilience skills and the ability to perform well under high stress. I learned this valuable lesson when I was the team captain of my high school water polo team and now teach these skills in our top sales training seminars and coaching for small business.

What I Learned Playing High School Sports

Water polo is similar to hockey or soccer except there are two play areas: one is above the water which is visible to the spectators and the referees and the other is below the water where the action is distorted not only by splashing, but also from the depth and the refraction of the water. It is under water where much of the action takes place including grabbing, holding, kicking, and pulling all of which is unseen by the referees. Because most of these infractions go undetected by the referee no whistle or penalty is called. It is when a player retaliates above the water where the referee can see that the whistle is blown and a penalty is given. To “play the game” effectively a player has to remain calm, focus on the ball, the game and be able to “zone out” from the pain. If a player lets frustration and the desire to get even overcomes him then his ability to perform and play the game is lost.

The Hidden Battles

So it is with anything we will do in our business and lives. There are two battles to be waged: one that others can see and the other inside of us. Remember, to maintain your focus and like playing water polo, expect the ‘hit’, its part of the game. A ‘hit’ in your small business is any one of the many challenges you can face such as lacking time, money or even knowing what to do. The good news is that the more skilled you are the more of a potential success you become. Any attacks to knock you off your game are rewarded with the opportunity to overcome the challenge. So no matter what comes your way, keep summoning the champion inside and remember the lesson of the champion is one of strategy, resilience and self-control. To do that you will need to develop new skills. Here are the main ones you will need to work on.

The 5 Skills You Need to Master

1. Dare to Write Down Your Big Dream

Dream so big that if you tell the people closest to you they might think you’re crazy. Often we have some big dreams inside that we have never told anyone else about or even allowed ourselves to entertain. Without a dream, you will not have the emotional commitment when things get tough. Remember, today’s big businesses were once nothing more than entrepreneurs with big dreams!

2. Build an Iron Clad Coat of Confidence

The journey to your success will be stressful and will shake your confidence. You will need to have a sober and realistic view of your abilities and talents so when things get tough, you can remind yourself. A solid confidence will also help you attract good people and resources into your life as you move forward.

3. Exercise Your Determination

Determination is a muscle that you will need to exercise to make it strong enough for the journey to your success. Adversity will be your chosen ‘workout’ and you can expect to have a vigorous routine. All of these challenges will help you build the determination to overcome the urge to quit when the going gets tough.

4. Master Your Greatest Fear(s)

Being and living BOLD requires that you learn to master your fears. Bold people know how to champion their emotions to be courageous, brave and eventually fearless. Without mastery over their fears, any person with great potential will succumb to the lies of their fears as they justify mediocrity.

5. Create a Resilience Plan

It takes guts to build a team of people around who will support you through your journey. Not because they’re not available, but because you will need to admit you need and want the help. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners have a chronic do it yourself mentality that pulls them away from having great resources around them when they need it most.

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How Leadership is Decided – Leadership Posture Secrets

How Leadership is Decided – Leadership Posture Secrets

The flow of leadership is not decided in one single moment, it’s fluid and active. This is much different than an organizational authority flow chart for a company that is chosen once and seldom changes.

Each time a group or team of people meet together the leadership hierarchy and organizational structure will be reorganized. This is not a conscious choice by most people; it’s an unconscious readjustment of how leadership works within the team. So every time a new person joins the team, there will be a change in the leadership hierarchy. Any time a team member exhibits leadership behaviour at a higher level than what they currently occupy within the team, it will also cause a readjustment. This leadership change is called a leadership bid. Someone within the team is looking to place themselves in a higher leadership position. The bidding process for leadership allows any individual in the team to bid for a higher leadership level at any time.

Every wondered how leadership is decided? Master Coach Rich Grof explains how leadership is decided in a business group or networking meeting. As a professional or business owner, are you aware of how you hold yourself in a room of your peers?

How Can I Motivate My Employee? Leadership Development & Management Techniques

If you are a leader, you have wondered how to motivate your employees. Motivating people is a difficult problem that many managers and leaders struggle with. In this video, Master Sales Coach Rich Grof, explains what you need to know to get the best production out of any employee.

How to STOP the Sales Prospect Follow Up Chase – Sales Techniques

If you have ever had the misfortune of having to chase a sales prospect to follow up on a presentation or proposal you have given, you know how frustrating this is. Worse yet, it usually stops the sale from happening. In this video Master coach Rich Grof, gives a sales technique to help improve our ability to close sales when we use our phone to communicate and eliminate the follow up chase.
If you are a business owner or sales person who uses an interview, estimate or discovery process to find out what your prospect needs during your sales cycle, and you’ve been working your butt off to offer great value and service, and you’re still walking away without a signed sales agreement, then this is the answer to your question…

Why Won’t My Prospects Get Started with Me Right Now?

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